New School Year = Time to Join Girl Scouts!
17/09/09 21:12 Filed in: Girl Scouts, Recruitment
It’s September and while most people think about going back to school, football, and fall, the Indian Valley Service Unit team is thinking recruitment!

Girl Scouting is such a wonderful program and all of the IVSU volunteers are so passionate about recruiting new girls every year to be part of our organization. Tonight we hosted a sign up night at Franconia Elementary.

When I pulled up in the parking just before I was initially shocked by the lack of parking spaces! Upon entering the cafeteria, I realized why! Parents filled up multiple tables at one end of the room while a group of nervous yet excited girls gathered at the other. Over the next ten minutes, more parents and girls filled the room to the point that the janitor came in to get us more tables!


While the parents handled the technical details, the new girls worked on a small craft led by a current Brownie and Junior Girl Scout. However, when the group finished their project earlier than anticipated, the current Girl Scouts were forced to think on their feet! Within minutes, the Girl Scouts had the new recruits gathered in a circle and the group was singing traditional and much loved Girl Scout songs. The new recruits were had masted “Make New Friends” and “Bubble Gum” by the end of the end of the night and were on their way to learning “Baby Shark” and “Down by the Bay”! It was awesome to see even younger Girl Scouts naturally taking the lead with the group of new recruits! They truly stood up as young leaders in the situation!


After the group broke, parents scattered and I hung out to answer some questions. I met a few wonderful women who I know will make great new leaders and lots excited girls who will make great GIrl Scouts!

It’s not too late to join! If you’re interested in joining a troop in the Indian Valley Service Unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to place you with a perfect troop that meets your scheduling needs!

IVSU Webmistress
Cadette/Senior Troop 71515